P-40E Kittyhawk

Latest version: 1.02
Produced: September 26th, 2014

The P-40E Kittyhawk makes use of the new ZSK flight physics engine v1.4 which makes flying smoother but still keeps an agile edge for combat flying. You can also trim your Elevators by holding the mouse button (with VICE off) and tapping ↑ or ↓.
It also makes use of Specular mapping and advanced materials by utilizing new scripting functions which allow the gloss and environment of a Specular map to be changed via the plane's menu.
Adding onto this, the pilot of the aircraft now has an animated get-in and sit sequence.
This Kitty certainly does scratch with her 6 x .50Cal Browning M2 Machine guns and an added 500lbs GP bomb for ground targets. (VICE equivalent data is listed below)

Special Thanks to these people who helped make this aircraft:

Joe Sparrow (Astral Technologies)
Tank Kwaszes (Laminar Systems)
Karl Reisman (THI)
Ryona Katsu

Beta Testers:
BK Ansar
malcious vuckovic
Seb Serenity
Cody Skytower
Siris Firehawk
Any any other BETA testers who participated.

Technical information

  • Crew: 1
  • Length: 9.66m
  • Wingspan: 11.38m
  • Max speeed: 360mph
  • Cruising speed: 270mph
  • Stall speed: 
  •      - Clean: 100mph
  •      - Full flaps: 80mph
  • Rate of Climb: 2,100ft/min
  • x .05 Cal Browning M2 Machine guns ----   2 LMG rezzers
  • x 500Lbs Bombs ---------------------------    1 SMB per shot


You should of received in your P-40 purchase package:

<ZSK> P-40E Kittyhawk                 ~ (No Modify, No Transfer)
<ZSK> P-40E Kittyhawk [VICE]       ~ (No Modify, No Transfer)
<ZSK> P-40E Kittyhawk (DISPLAY)  ~ (No Modify, No Transfer)
<ZSK> P-40E Kittyhawk (TARGET)   ~ (No Modify, No Transfer)
<ZSK> P-40E Personal Paint Pot         ~ (No Transfer)
<ZSK> P-40E Merchant Paint Pot
P-40E Kittyhawk HUD    ~ (No Modify)
P-40E BLANK template for Body, Wings and Hubcap
P-40E UV templates for Body, Wings and Hubcap


All mesh objects/constructs, textures/graphics and scripts are copyright of ZSK, Astral Technologies, ZoraSlade Karu and Joe Sparrow. ZSK and A-T do not take responsibility for:
~ Anything displayed on this product which isn't official ZSK or A-T content.
~ Inventory or asset loss of any kind.
~ Any breach of TOS that the User or Owner is involved in with this product.

Some P-40 skins may display or resemble the Swastika, or commonly known as the Symbol of Nazism or the symbol of the Rising Sun which was used by the Japanese during WWII.
Please note that this is not used in any way or form to;
~ Promote/encourage/propagandize Nazism
~ Display political correctness
~ Discriminate/insult/plagiarize any person(s)
These symbols are only displayed as historically accurate markings of real P-40 Kittyhawks who fought in Europe/Africa/United Kingdom/Pacific theater during WWII.


~ Authentically made High-Detail Mesh model including detailed cockpit and controls which includes:
      * Functional flight surfaces; Ailerons, Flaps, Elevator and Rudder.
      * Avatar climb in and seated animations.
      * Animated landing gear sequence.
      * Functional Landing, Cockpit and Wings lights.
      * Guns and weaponry effects.
      * Easy to use HUD with quick reference buttons.
      * Auto Level ability with additional elevator trim function
      * Dynamically functioning cockpit instruments for plane and HUD;
          - Altimeter
          - Indicated Air Speed
          - Artificial Horizon
          - Bearing Indicator
          - Vertical Speed Indicator
          - RPM Gage
          - Manifold Pressure Gage
          - All other buttons and levers function with plane's systems.
     * Crash effects; Propeller peels back if colliding with an object,terrain or water and plane explodes if striking at a high speed. Use SAFE MODE to toggle these effects On/Off.
     * Unique airfoil physics engine which allows dynamic stalling, gliding, and unique acrobatic maneuvers.
     * Fuel system with a usable drop tank. Fuel total of 148 gals. and with an added tank of 223 gals.. Tanks can be added before flight and dropped during flight. Refueling option is available.
     * Seat adjustment system.
     * Guest mode with guests having access to plane features.
     * Comes with 14 different liveries;
          - Personal Paint Pot for custom paints with specular map support. ( Blank P-40 templates and UV grids included )
          - Merchant Paint Pot for trading paint jobs
          - Add-on livery system for additional added paints. System can remember up to 6 paints inside the plane.
     * Display model with livery system and payload display options
     * VICE 1.2.0 Combat system using weaponry from Astral Technologies
          -2 x LMG guns   ~equal to~  6 x 50 ca.l Browning M2 Machine guns
          -1 x SMB Bomb ~equal to~  1 x 500lbs GP TNT Bomb  
     * Auto-UPDATE system. Just rez a copy of your aircraft to receive the latest copy


Pg Up/down ------------------------------- Throttle increase/decrease/WEP/wheel brakes
↑↓ up/down ------------------------------ Pitch Up/Down
←→ left/right ------------------------------ In air: Roll Left/Right   On ground: Yaw Left/Right
SHIFT + ←→ left/right ------------------------------ In air and on ground: Yaw Left/Right

Left MB                                                 Hold  and tap ↑↓ up/down to Adjust Elevator Trim                                            
Left MB/Mouselook                               Fire guns when VICE is active.

Flight Recommendations

- Don't pull straight up if your Airspeed is too slow otherwise the plane will stall and possibly enter a spin.
- Pushing the nose down will make you gather speed quickly. Use flaps and reduce power to control your decent.
- Don't brake heavily or the aircraft will flip on it's nose
- Judge your climb and approach by your airspeed and throttle setting.
- To climb quickly, make a climbing turn while balancing your airspeed with angle of attack.
- Only use full flap when established on Final Approach.
- When landing, try to flare with the nose slightly high. This way you will make nice 3-point landings.
- Use Auto Level for cruise, and use the elevator trim controls for further refinement.
- Don't try to dogfight underwater. Because, that makes no sense at all...

Mode B and Mode A

(RECOMMENDED) MODE B : Standard physics engine and is the easiest to fly. The plane will:
~ Auto-yaw into turns
~ Not loose lift when rolling or inverted
~ Has a limited diving speed
~ Stable during a stall

MODE A: Advanced physics engine and is more complicated to fly. The plane will:
~ Loose lift when rolling or inverted
~ Has an unrestricted diving speed
~ Deep stalling will cause controlled spinning and unstable flight conditions

Auto level and Trim system

Auto level is a function that will automatically level the aircraft's wings. This can be activated via the HUD or by typing "u".

Additionally, you can adjust the Elevator trim by holding the Left Mouse button and tapping or holding Up or down. There is a maximum of 10° of up or down pitch.

Cockpit Operations


Height at which you're flying at.
Speed of the Aircraft
How fast you're climbing or descending.
Orientation of the aircraft relative to the horizon.
Current amount of fuel.
Difference between the air pressure inside the intake manifold and the relative atmospheric pressure of the air around the engine. Effected by throttle setting.
How many revolutions the engine's crank shaft is producing per minute. Effected by throttle setting.
Magnetic heading in reference to the Earth's geomagnetic field.
In case of a main compass failure.
The needle indicates the rate of turn relative to 2 mins in 360° and the ball shows the slip/skid of the aircraft.
Shows current positions of the Landing Gear and Flaps.
11. CLOCK:
Shows current time in PDT(GMT+7)
Temperature of the engine, and also displays oil and fuel pressure.
Indicates that the aircraft has less than 10gals. of fuel left.
Coolant temperature is too high and the aircraft's engine runs the risk of an overheat and/or failure.
Vacuum pressure for vacuum related instruments.
Current temperature of the coolant that cools the engine.

Stalling and Spins

Stalling occurs when the aircraft is flying too slow to sustain lift and starts to fall. If one wing has more lift than the other in a stall, the aircraft will enter a spin.

Stall characteristics of a P-40 Kittyhawk:
~ High Angle of attack to completely vertical will lead to the aircraft tumbling and then developing into a spin.
~ Wings Level will have the plane dip it's nose forward. However if the plane is falling this will also develop into a wing over and spin.
~ Inverted flight will have the plane dip it's nose towards gravity.
~ Applying pitch up in a stall will cause the plane to wing over and enter a spin.

Recovering from a Spin:

1) Pitch towards the ground or gravity
2) Apply opposite Rudder and Roll into direction of spin
3) Apply Power

Every aircraft has a unique stall characteristic.
Pilots should become aware of them before attempting to fly the aircraft.

Display model and Target model

The P-40E DISPLAY model included in your package is a static model for display purposes.
Clicking the model will bring up a menu in which you can customize the current paint job, open or close the Canopy and Radiator door, display Shadow, remove the script inside of the DISPLAY, and set which or no payload layout.
The P-40E Display model also doubles as a Target which is accessible though the Display model's menu. Please note that any payload layout you've added will be removed in TARGET mode. A flying P-40E TARGET is also included.
All TARGETS are only compatible with VICE 1.2.0 and have 100 hp with a re spawn time of 1 min after destruction.

Parking Brakes and Wheel Brakes

The P-40E is equipped with Parking Brakes and Wheel Brakes.
Activate the Parking Brakes by typing "br" or click the Parking brake switch on the HUD.
Activate the Wheel Brakes by holding down Pg down after progressing to 0% throttle.
Using the brakes at excessive speeds will cause the plane to flip forward onto it's nose.

Use of Flaps

Flaps are used on Take-Off, Landing and even in combat. These change the airfoil of the plane which add drag and lift to the aircraft.
Combat Flaps are use for tighter turns and sometimes for Take-Off
Full Flap should only need to be applied on Final approach and Landing.

War Emergency Power (WEP)

War Emergency Power or WEP is a boost of power to the engine after 100% throttle and acts like a pre-jet aged afterburner.
To activate, type in "wep" and push the Throttle above 100% to boost the power.
However this will cause engine damage if overused and a suggested maximum use of 5 mins before the engine completely seizes and is inoperable.
You will see the engine emitting smoke when it's close to seizing.

VICE Weapons

This aircraft is equipped with VICE 1.2.0. Type in "vice on/off" or click the VICE switch on your HUD to toggle it.
(VICE will automatically toggle SAFE MODE off)
Weapon Statistics:
6 .05 Cal Browning M2 Machine guns ---- 2 LMG rezzers
1 500Lbs Bombs --------------------------- 1 SMB per shot
Use the command "pld" or click the Payload HUD switch to activate the additional pylon weaponry.
Type "b" or click FIRE on the HUD to drop the selected weapon.
Type "k" to enter Kamikaze mode. Once enabled, there's no turning back. Any object you collide with will destroy your plane and deal VICE damage.

Fuel System

The P-40E has been fitted with a Fuel system that gradually reduces fuel depending on the Throttle %.
Activate the Fuel system by typing "fuel" or click the Fuel switch on the HUD.
Base tanks: 148 Gals
With Drop Tank: 233 Gals
When your plane runs out of fuel, the plane's engine cuts out and cannot be restarted until the aircraft's refueled.
Type "refuel" to fully refuel your plane
You can also set an amount of fuel. e.g "refuel50" will refuel 50 Gals.
You cannot set an amount of fuel higher than the max amount, 148 or 223 with a Drop Tank installed.
You cannot refuel if you are still airborne or the ignition is still on.

Safe Mode and Crash physics

Safe Mode and with VICE active enables/disables collision damage and to the P-40E when colliding with objects, terrain or water.
Striking an object, terrain or water at low speeds with cause the propeller damage and at high speeds the plane will explode in a fire ball and delete.
Please be wise with this function.

Customize your Aircraft


By clicking the "In Plane" menu button you will have full access to pre-made paints for your aircraft.
There are a total of 14 paints + an unmarked P-40 paint.


The Specularity of the aircraft's materials can be altered via the Menu. You can find this at Recolor > Adjust Shine > Adv. Material.
You can adjust the Gloss and Environment effects of the texture's shininess.
Gloss effects the intensity of the light hitting a shiny surface.
Environment effects the reflection and refraction of light hitting a shiny surface.

Specular maps can also be added to the plane via the Personal and Merchant Paint Pot System.
Please read the this instructional notecard for customization information and the Paint Pot Terms of Use



Starts up and Stops the aircraft's engine.

Sets Parking brakes, turns plane Physics off. Do not use while Taxiing or traveling above walking speed, the plane will tip forward.

Toggles Landing Gear.

Toggles the Canopy.

Toggles the Camera from a Locked spot on the Tail to a free following camera.

Toggles the Flaps UP or DOWN. These will cause additional drag but will allow you to fly at a lower speed for landing.

Toggles the Flaps between UP and Down. These are used for Combat situations, slowing when in a dive or for tighter turns.

Toggles War Emergency Power (WEP). Push the Throttle above 100% to boost the power but will cause engine damage if frequently used. Maximum of use is 5 mins in total before engine seizes and is inoperable.

Toggles Safe Mode on and off. This enables/disables collision damage to the P-40. Striking an object or terrain at low speeds with cause the propeller damage and at high speeds the plane will explode in a fire ball and delete. Please be wise with this function.

Toggles Guest Mode. Anyone can sit in the plane and fly it.

Gives the current pilot a copy of the P-40 Kittyhawk HUD

Menu for Seat adjustment and additional Paint options.

Toggles hover text at the rear of the plane. This displays VICE, Fuel, throttle setting information.

Toggles the Auto-Leveling system. Keeps the plane flying straight without using controls.

Toggles between Mode B and Mode A flight physics.

Toggles the Radiator Door to Open or Close.


Toggles airshow smoke on/off.

Set the smoke color for both wingtips. Use a number between 0 - 1. e.g <1,0,0> is Red.

Set the smoke color for the Left wingtip. Use as above.

Set the smoke color for the Right wingtip. Use as above.


Toggles Fuel System which makes the plane consume different quantities of fuel depending on how much power (Throttle %) you are using. Running out of fuel will shut down the engine. The plane can normally carry 148 Gallons.

Enables a drop tank for additional fuel. These are placed in the slot were bombs also sit so you won't be able to add bombs with these on. Adds an extra 85 Gallons to fuel making the maximum total of 223 Gallons.

Drops the currently loaded Fuel Tank.

Refuels your aircraft. Plane MUST be turned OFF and you won't be able to start the engine while refueling.
(xx) is a custom number of Gals you can add. e.g "refuel50" for 50 Gals.


Toggles Wing lights which are the Red and Greens lights on the ends of the wings.

Toggles Landing lights which also extends and retracts with the landing gear.

Toggles Cockpit lights which light up the interior of your cockpit.


vice on/off
Toggles VICE for combat. Drop tanks will automatically drop if they are enabled.

Toggles the Payload of Bombs. This needs to be ON if you plan to use them when VICE is active.

Drops the selected Weapon.

Makes your plane self destruct when colliding with an object. Deals VICE damage.

Bail out of the plane.


Max Speed ----------------------- 360MPH
Cuise Speed --------------------- 270MPH
Stall Speed
                No flaps ------------------- 100MPH
                Combat -------------------- 90MPH
                Full -------------------------- 80MPH


Parking Brakes ------------------------------------ ON
Canopy -------------------------------------------- CLOSED
Camera -------------------------------------------- AS REQUIRED
Text ------------------------------------------------ AS REQUIRED
Fuel system --------------------------------------- AS REQUIRED



Parking Brakes ------------------------------------- OFF
Throttle --------------------------------------------- 5 - 20% OR AS REQUIRED
Taxi Speed ------------------------------------------ 5 - 15 MPH

Set Trim -------------------------------------------- AS REQUIRED
Flaps ------------------------------------------------ UP OR AS REQUIRED
Wing lights -----------------------------------------  AS REQUIRED
Throttle --------------------------------------------- 100% OR AS REQUIRED ABOVE 70%
Take-off Speed
                    V1 ----------------------------------- 80 MPH
                    V2 ----------------------------------- 110 MPH

Gear ------------------------------------------------ UP
Flaps ------------------------------------------------ UP
Throttle --------------------------------------------- AS REQUIRED
Check Trim

Throttle --------------------------------------------- AS REQUIRED
Auto Level ----------------------------------------- AS REQUIRED


Throttle --------------------------------------------- AS REQUIRED
Landing lights -------------------------------------- ON
Flaps ------------------------------------------------ DOWN
Gear ------------------------------------------------ DOWN


Parking Brakes ------------------------------------ ON
Canopy -------------------------------------------- OPEN
Fuel system --------------------------------------- OFF

Production images

ZSK P-40E step 1 of construction

ZSK P-40E step 2 of construction. Added control surfaces and propeller cone.

ZSK P-40E step 3 of construction. Refining the Canopy and adding the radiator intake slits

ZSK P-40E step 4 of construction. Tailplane was added and cockpit shell was modeled

ZSK P-40E step 5 of construction. Landing gear added

ZSK P-40E step 6 of construction. Wing flaps, tail wheel, and gear doors added
UV mapping the Body, Wings and other parts.

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