Colaborative productions

Below is a list of products that have been produced by ZSK and other collaborating parties

JM Beechcraft Duke - Turbine Duke Engine modification kit

Version 1.0

ONLY FOR JM-BC DUKE (of any version)

Turn your ordinary Duke into a Turbine Duke with this mod kit!

The kit includes Mesh Engines and Propeller models with sound scripts, texture and UV map templates, and an Automatic Update seeker prim.

Just rez out the Automatic installer prim, click it, accept permissions, and the engines will automatically attach to your model!

Astral Tek Fletcher Class Destroyer

ZSK produced the poster art and photograph of this project.

Astral Tek Narvik Class Destroyer

ZSK produced the UV map, textures, photograph, and poster art for this project.

Astral Tek Type 45 Destroyer

ZSK produced the HUD art for this product

Astral Tek Bogue Class Escort Carrier

ZSK produced the texture for the Carrier's landing deck for this product.

Astral Tek National Security Cutter

ZSK produced the HUD art for the product

Astral Tek Yamato Class Battleship

ZSK produced parts of the model, UV maps, and textures for this product.

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